After studying math and hispanic literature at Boston University, I got my masters in education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I focused on secondary math education and student taught at Cambridge Ringe and Latin School. I began teaching at Watertown High School in 2011, which is where I work today.

Let's Talk About Math
This is my blog in which I reflect on what I teach in my math classes.

I have taught here for 4 years. In that time, I have taught precalculus, algebra 1, and algebra 2. This coming year, I will also be teaching an intro programming course. In addition to my classes, I also co-advise the Gay-Straight Alliance and the Talent Show. In the past, I also led the Programming Club. I also choreograph the school musical each spring.

Classroom Page
Just in case you're somehow a student who ended up on this website while you're looking for your homework! Click on the link above.